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Tuning Services from Mike Melick
[Airgun Tuning]

In an effort to provide the best airgun shooting experience at a reasonable cost, Adventures in Airguns is proud to announce our tuning services by Mike Melick of Flying Dragon Air Rifles. Mike has been earning an enviable reputation in the airgun community, and has been invited to travel to China as a consultant to assist one of the many airgun manufacturers in quality control and product selection for the American market.

Mike's tunes cover the following family of airguns:

 * QB-78 family

 * B-26, B-28, B-30, B-40 from BAM manufacturing and their European equivalents

 * RWS/Diana family of spring-piston airguns

 * Beeman series of spring-piston airguns

 * Other airguns upon consideration and evaluation

This tuning service involves the deburring of the internal parts, lubing, trigger maintenance, and general cleaning up of any deficiencies found in the gun. Stock parts are used in this tune. For the addition of aftermarket parts, please contact Adventures in Airguns either by e-mail or phone. Additional costs are involved when aftermarket parts are used, and we will strive to meet your needs in regards to your requests.

The tune price covers the tune and return shipping. The owner of the gun must cover the initial shipping of the gun to Mike Melick.

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