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Big game hunting with an airgun is one of the most challenging pursuits a hunter can undertake. Shot placement and stalking become increasingly important, and airguns of sufficient power must be used to make a clean and ethical kill. The airguns in this category deliver the performance needed for larger animals such as coyote, bobcat, deer, antelope, and hogs. These airguns come from factory-based manufacturers, though you will find some bigbore airguns from custom makers in the Customs & Classics section of Adventures in Airguns. Also, take a moment or two and read through the Stories section of our website for airgun hunting accounts by hunters all over the world as they pursue big game with air guns.
SKU:  SY909 
 Sam Yang 909 44/45 

When it comes to big game hunting with an air rifle, the 909 .44/.45 caliber pre-charged pneumatic delivers smashing power for light to medium big game such as coyotes, deer, and wild hogs. With a variety of projectiles such as roundball, wadcutter, hollow-point, and round-nose pel...

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